What We Do

In today’s corporate environment of veterinary consolidation, vet practices are being offered top dollar for their practices. In actuality, they are not!!!

You might be one of these as corporations are actively recruiting practices for purchase or consolidation. You may have never seen this kind of money in your life.

We encourage you to take a breath and not concede. It is not top-dollar and it may not be best for your employees or your clients.

Here’s what we know and wish to impart to you. Corporations are good at what they do. They start with a top dollar offer and then they whittle down their offers through specifics and fine print.

We offer an alternative that levels the playing field for you. Our veterinary marketplace allows for the auction of the practice thus raising its value. Also, we offer a concept of group sales by putting multiple hospitals together to increase the value of all of them.

Both of these concepts are novel and have been proven to level the playing fields giving the independent private practitioner a fighting chance against corporate veterinary medicine.

dvmSuccess is a group of veterinarians who own and live in the same world you do. We understand your trials and tribulations. We have successfully built and sold practices. With our combined 75+ years of experience, we just want to help you to be as successful as we are, both in management and sales. We can assist in employee relations and even in growing your practice or selling it.

At the end of the day, having successful vet practitioners at your side is a partnership that we encourage and offer. Independent vet practices need to survive and flourish, that is where we can add value and results.

dvmSuccess Vet Group utilizes a transformative approach to enable exceptional success of veterinary practice owners. We use cutting edge technology, superior market expertise and advocacy to help independent veterinarians maximize performance and value of their practices and their life's work.

Services We Provide

  • Market-Based Valuation

    We have developed multiple, proprietary valuation reports for independent veterinary practice owners. Our valuation reports provide actionable operational insights to enhance your practice performance. All of our reports incorporate industry benchmarks as well as insights on your valuation drivers and how buyers may view them.

  • Operational Consulting

    Wide offering of premier, and affordable operational consulting services powered by technology. We have the know-how and resources to provide high ROI (return on investment) solutions to any operational challenge. 

  • Group Practice Sales

    dvmsuccess founders have completed $75MM+ in transactions in the veterinary practice sales using a transformative group sale strategy to significantly increase practice price. We provide advice, advocacy and a process to reach the optimal price on the sale of your practice.Learn More

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