Educational Resources

Resources on practice valuations, hospital management and sale strategies for optimizing your practice valuation. 

Practice Valuation


Definition of EBITDA

Definition of EBITDA. EBITDA stands for profit from operations of veterinary hospitals. It represents Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization. Your hospital EBITDA during the past 12 months is a significant key metric for determining valuation.

Hospital Best Practices


Best Practices for Inventory Management

Overview of some strategies in inventory management to reduce costs and increase hospital valuation.

Sales Optimization Process


Effect of Group Power on Valuation

Group power, where your hospital is sold as one of several veterinary hospitals, is a significant factor in raising hospital valuations. Platform buyers, as defined as corporations who are buying veterinary hospitals, are much more likely to pay more, by offering a higher multiple, if they are able to buy several hospitals rather than one hospital.

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