Practice Sales

dvmSuccess offers Financials Advisory solutions for the 21st century to veterinarians. By creating the conditions to achieve greater competition for your practice with improved efficiency, dvmSuccess’ sales auction process offers you a superior service relative to the business brokerage model used to sell practices in today’s market.

Our Approach

DvmSuccess has three guiding principles:

  • 1

    Integrity & Ethics

    Maintain the highest integrity and ethical standards in everything we do.

  • 2

    Help the "little guy"

    Advocate fiercely for the “little guy” (independent veterinary practice owners) through our services, but also through dedication to leveraging our technology platform to make our services more affordable and accessible

  • 3

    Partner for success 

    Leverage the power of connections with group buyers and aggregators to help veterinary practice owners get better valuations.

Our Principles

We serve the interests of our clients by aligning our advice, advocacy and compensation accordingly.

✓ We focus only on this one industry and we only represent practices – not consolidators – within this industry, enabling us to devote all of our energy to being the go-to resource for independent veterinarians
✓ We think and behave as a partner with our clients
✓ We provide independent advice to our clients – we do not tell them what they want to hear; we tell them what they need to know
✓ We recognize that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution, that different practice owners will require different services and advice depending on their needs
✓ We advocate strongly on behalf of our clients in order to structure their optimal transaction, not ours
✓ We conduct ourselves with, and insist upon with others, the highest integrity
✓ We believe that the most successful transactions are those between parties that behave as partners, sharing a prospective commonality of interests


Find Out More

We encourage you to assess our market expertise and transaction process management experience, to see why we will produce exceptional outcomes for our clients, veterinary practice owner like you.

View our White-Paper here for our answers to the following questions: 
✓ Why should you use a Transaction Advisor when you Sell all, or some of the ownership interest in your Practice? 
✓ How should you select a Transaction Advisor? 
✓ Why should you consider hiring dvmSuccess as your Transaction Advisor?


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