Our Story

An innovative and revolutionary approach to selling veterinary hospitals

How it all started…

In 2017 seven veterinarians (we call ourselves the G7 group) who owned veterinary hospitals at locations throughout the US got together and decided to sell their individually owned veterinary hospitals simultaneously to a veterinary hospital buyer. Our goals were to maintain our hospital legacy, maintain the benefits and provide opportunities for our team, while talking advantage of a uniquely favorable sellers market for veterinary practices.

We accomplished all our goals while achieving remarkable sale prices for our hospitals. These extraordinary results were achieved by offering for sale the group of all seven individually owned hospitals to four veterinary hospital aggregators. These hospital aggregators competitively bid on our individually owned hospitals. Each veterinarian received offers on their practices from all four platform buyers. All seven hospitals were successfully sold using this innovative and revolutionary approach.  

Comments from members of the G7 group on our experience and why we sold using this approach …

I never imagined I would be selling my practice so soon. The opportunity to group our hospitals and get better valuations and terms while maintaining our practice legacy convinced me to sell much sooner that I had originally planned to do so. Ravi Tolwani DVM