dvmSuccess Dashboard Overview Videos

dvmSuccess Weekly Dashboards
Dashboards provide weekly EBITDA (Profit), weekly revenue (blue) and Expenses (red). 
The weekly detailed dashboard provides expenses incurred on COGs, labor and other expenses. 
Top right is your next weeks budget for labor costs and COGs. Based on current weeks total revenue.

dvmSuccess Main Dashboard
Graph with revenue, cost of goods sold, labor cost and EBITDA (profit). 
Dashboard provides practice valuation based on 12 months of EBITDA. 
Valuation number is dynamic based on practice multiple negotiated with the buyer. 

How it Works

We connect to your practice financial systems requiring 15 minutes of your time. Once connected there is no effort needed on your part to get your weekly dashboards. Your data is kept secure and we maintain strict confidentiality. Our innovative technology has three patents pending.  

Get Started

Press the button and to get started. We will contact you to set up your dashboard.