Connecting with QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Open Quickbooks with veterinary practice you will be connecting to dvmSuccess Dashboard

        2. Navigate to in a web browser and click Get the App.

3. Choose Open when prompted to open App Installer.

4. When the installer opens, click Install. This will take approximately 10 to 30 seconds then the dvmSuccess Dashboard Connector will open (when Launch when ready remains checked).

5. When the dvmSuccess Dashboard Connector opens, it will prompt to connect to your QuickBooks file. Choose the QuickBooks file you have open and choose Open.

quickbook letter

6. Once you have selected the QuickBooks company file, you will be prompted to authorize the connection. Choose the last option.

 7. When prompted, choose Yes.


8. Then choose Continue then Done in the confirmation window to complete the connection.

access confirmation

9. Now the company is linked and you will be returned back to the dvmSuccess page with the company shown in the list. Click Sync to upload the data to dvmSuccess.


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