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Introducing the dvmSuccess Group Marketplace

A Revolutionary Approach to Get Amazing Offers for Your Veterinary Practice

dvmSuccess Vet Group

dvmSuccess utilizes a transformative approach to enable exceptional success of veterinary practice owners. We use cutting edge technology, superior market expertise, strategy and advocacy to help independent veterinarians maximize performance and value of their practices. We established Group Practice Sales, a transformative approach by joining forces with many hospitals to deliver amazing offers to practice owners. 
Our team consists of veterinarians who own and operate veterinary practices and are members of the Veterinary Management Group. We have experienced both the rewards and challenges of owning and running veterinary practices. We share a common desire to provide high quality, efficient services that independent veterinary practice owners need to navigate in a changing environment. 

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to provide each veterinary practice owner knowledge of what their practice is worth today regardless if they are considering a sale at this time. We provide this knowledge by getting you real market offers that are optimized for your hospitals value. 
dvmSuccess offers a first of a kind online practice marketplace allowing practice owners to find out what their practice is worth in todays high valuation sellers market. We utilize Group Practice Sales a process by joining forces with many hospitals that results in significantly higher offers than individual owners can achieve by themselves. Our marketplace technology fosters competition and leads to multiple higher sale price offers from many corporate consolidators at one time. 

Our Process

  • Step 1
    List Your Practice

    Simply, just provide us your yearly revenue, number of veterinarians and the state your practice is located in. No other information is needed so prospective buyers have no specific location to identify your practice. This general information is added to our marketplace.

  • Step 2
    Who is Interested?

    We will contact you when corporate consolidatorsexpress interest in your practice. If you are interested getting real offer, we will collect your practice financials and put it in a secure online portal. Our technology greatly simplifies what you do on your end. You are in complete control of which buyers gets access to practice information. Everything is done confidentially and securely and with nondisclosure agreements in place.

  • Step 3
    Get Amazing Offers

    Get multiple offers from corporate consolidators you have approved. These are real market based offers where multiple consolidators compete for your practice. We utilize a Group Sale Process. Joining forces with many hospitals across the country and fostering competitive bidding allows you to get amazing offers for your practice.

  • Step 4 
    You Decide  

    Knowledge is power. Its your decision to sell. If a sale is not the right path for you then at least you have gained important knowledge of what your practice is worth in todays market. If you decide to pursue a sale we will become your strong advocates to get you the best deal structure and terms possible.

Why Choose Us

Industry Experts

The partners of dvmSuccess have completed $75MM+ of sale transactions and using a transformative Group Practice Sales n addition to having significant advisory and business operations experience. Together we know and have interacted with all of the key buyers of veterinary practices.

Proven Success

Our principals are veterinarians who own and run veterinary practices, and have facilitate Group Practice Sales to sell veterinary practices. We are here because we have a desire to help independent veterinarians enhance the value of their life’s work. Together, we are reimagining operational consulting and practice sales service for veterinarians.

End to End Solution

An end to end total solution from first determining your practice valuation, knowhow on how to increase your valuation and guidance through a Group Sale Process to get the best valuation for your practice.

Find Out What Your Hospital is Worth Today

Learn what your practice is worth today and how to optimize your cash flow and sales process to maximize your practice's valuation.