COVID-19 Veterinary Practice Survival Dashboard

We are veterinary practice owners and we are facing the same challenges as you in this turbulent environment. We developed this automated dashboard to assist you as you keep track of your weekly practice profitability as well as providing you recommended weekly target budgets based on the prior week’s revenue. Information that can help you determine staffing, hours and other crucial daily operational activities. The dashboard is $20 per month to independently owned veterinary practices. We hope it assists you with practical and actionable information to facilitate your success during these trying times.  We also are available to provide guidance should you need any additional input and support.

Weekly Dashboard


Top Panel: Weekly EBITDA (Profit). Are you at least breaking even?
Bottom Panel: Weekly revenue (blue) and Expenses (Cost of Good Sold (COGs), Labor and Other). 
Top Right: Recommended next weeks budget for labor costs and COGs. Based on current weeks total revenue. Example based on $24K in weekly revenue. 

How it Works

We connect to your practice financial systems requiring 15 minutes of your time. Once connected there is no effort needed on your part to get your weekly dashboards. Your data is kept secure and we maintain strict confidentiality. Our innovative technology has three patents pending.
Dashboard Security 
The dvmSuccess Dashboard™ connects with practice management systems using the dvmDashboard Connector™.
Once authorized, the dvmSuccess Dashboard periodically reads the company’s chart of accounts and their P&L (Profit & Loss) reports.
When analyzing a company’s chart of accounts, only the fields necessary to identify, categorize, and track changes are pulled. Information about bank account numbers and balances are not read. Since the summary P&L Report is used, no transactional information is revealed.
To provide accurate and current data, the dvmDashboard Connector sends updates daily, after a login to the computer. Only required updates are sent-- so the process is quick, and uses only a small amount of network traffic. This process is unidirectional, with no ability to download any unauthorized, proprietary data. The uploaded data is saved into a secure database that is behind a firewall where it is not directly accessible.
These updates are uploaded to the dvmSuccess Dashboard, using an encrypted HTTPS connection to the dvmSuccess™ servers, which require users to be authenticated. Once customer access to the dvmSuccess Dashboard is enabled, the customer may only access their hospital's dashboard. Security best practices are used to maintain a secure system.

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